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"The Making and Un-making of a Marine"

by Lawrence Winters

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Vietnam ~ 1969 -- 1970
The Making of a Marine...
...the Un-making of a Marine.

Photos of or by Larry Winters  (Vietnam 1969 -- 1970) 


Phu Bai, Vietnam

Sandbag bunker in Phu Bai
(wooden ammuniton boxes are also filled with sand)

Camp street in Phu Bai

Dave Deyo at Phu Bai
(Dave is Larry's lifelong friend and Vietnam-buddy -- see Chapter 22, "In Country",, The Making and Un-making of a Marine)

 Marble Mountain Airbase, Vietnam

Larry Winters at Marble Mountain Airbase

Marble Mountain south of Da Nang on the South China Sea

Barbed wire at beach at Marble Mountain

Chopper flying over the beach at Marble Mountain
(this is the beach Larry stood guard duty -- see Chapter 25, "You've Got Two Steps", The Making and Un-making of a Marine)

Illuminating the beach perimeter at night  (photo taken from guard tower)
Note the flares (high-center) and Marble Mountain in the background (right edge of perimeter).

Door gunner's M60 machine gun in a CH-46 helicopter

CH-46 helicopter at Marble Mountain Airbase

Remains of CH-53 helicopter

Remains of CH-53 helicopter interior

Rearof CH-46 helicopter in  hangar at Marble Mountain

Headquarters, HMM 262 at Marble Mountain

"The Wild Kingdom" huddle at Marble Mountain [book]

 Larry Winters in the metal shop at Marble Mountain 

"Book, Rounds and Peace" ~ a military still life

"Kill for Peace" ~ A "hootch" at  Marble Mountain


Peace symbol painted by Dave Dayo on wooden writing desk at Marble Mountain

Morning call at Marble Mountain Airbase -- shaving  
(left to right: D Plemons (Chapter 30 ), Cornfield, Guerney

 Elsewhere in Vietnam

Flying over delta

Rock Marine LZ [landing zone]

A-6 Intruder fixed wing aircraft in hangar at Freedom Hill  

Water buffalo in field on National Highway 1 between Marble Mountain and Freedom Hill

 Children of Vietnam

Amerasian children

Vietnamese Madonna  (mother and child)

Hooch maid and her son at Phu Bai

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"The Making and Un-making of a Marine"
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